Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mastering the Mind

Mastering the Mind

Time to reflect. Time to let the mind return to its "original shape".

When one is busy, and one's mind is fully occupied with a thousand and one things, it is usually not wise to make major decisions. In the heat of the moment, we often make decisions that we regret later on. Allow time for facts to sink in first.

An equanimous state of mind is very difficult to maintain consistently in the tumult of our everyday life. But those who have spent time in deep reflection or meditation are less prone to agitation. They maintain a stillness within. And it is this stillness that is the wellspring of all our wisdom.

When you are still within, you are not carried away by the waves of thoughts and emotions that sweep through your mind and body. Whenever people get angry, impatient or emotional, you know they have no control of their mind. So they end up making bad decisions, doing things they regret later on and saying things that have hurtful consequences.

When stillness of the mind has been successfully cultivated, one's action are in harmony with the universe. Favourable coincidences happen. The timing of events become smooth. Things just seem to "flow" along nicely.

When you are agitated, vengeful, angry or bitter, the whole universe works against you. You are inviting trouble. Whenever you enter such a state of mind, snap out of it quickly. Again, you can only do so if you have trained yourself to have the ability to constantly execute "checkpoints" in your mind.

All the religion in the world is useless if they do not lead us towards this mindfulness and mental calmness. Heaven or hell begins in the mind. If only we know how to tackle this one thing, the world will be a much more peaceful place.

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