Monday, June 27, 2005

Checkpoint Now

Checkpoint Now

I'm looking forward to the start of another week. It's good to note that we will all be reaching the halfway mark for the year this coming week. It's time to do a checkpoint. How have we fared so far? Have we even got started on some of the grandiose plans and idealistic resolutions we made on New Year's Eve last year?

It is so very easy for us to sink back into our easy and familiar routines. Every now and then we will hear people sigh and lament: How fast time flies! Well, actually time flies at a constant speed, we just have a habit of falling asleep while on board.

How do we ensure that we don't go through life "unconscious"? By constantly examining our habits and thought patterns. If there are bad or unproductive ones, we have to try and eliminate them. We must never stop trying. To be complacent even for one second is to allow our bad habits to reassert their foothold on our minds.

Whenever we get angry, we are actually losing control of our minds. We let our instinctive thought patterns take control, often with regrettable consequences. It is good to slow down our thoughts sometimes because that allows us the space to do a checkpoint before we proceed to our next thought or action. The chain of action and reaction is then broken.

Always interpret your thoughts well. Good thoughts will need to be reinforced; bad thoughts killed immediately.

When we are surfing the Net, we often "lose consciousness". We let one URL link lead us to the next, and before we know it, two hours would have slipped by. People enjoy surfing so much because they are just pampering to the basic nature of the mind to jump like a wild monkey from one thought to another.

Wake up and do a checkpoint! Break that pattern of self-destructive thinking. Insert something fruitful. Plant a seed. Do something before it's too late--checkpoint now before you are checkmated!

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