Sunday, July 10, 2005

The World Within and Without

The World Within and Without

Work-wise, it has been a very busy week for me; a week when terrorism reared its ugly head again.

I don't blog so much on current events because there's usually nothing more that I could add to what's already in the news websites. I prefer to write about the world inside us--the world of the mind and the soul, simply because I spend a lot of time there, observing, analyzing and learning. The microcosm inside reflects that macrocosm outside.

The subtle laws of nature that govern the behaviour of thoughts, emotions and actions are the foundations of the macroscopic laws that determine the course of human affairs. The tussles of mankind are but the external manifestations of our inner struggles. If we master the dynamics of the forces within, we are in better control of our actions in the world without.

When action--whether good or bad--materializes in the external world, it is never without consequence. Even if you say or do something in the void--in the absence of people, with no tangible or visible effect to the physical world, there are still consequences. How is that so?

Every action stems from a thought. When a thought arises in the mind, it immediately affects and determine the next thought and consequently, the next course of action that one takes. The universe is forever changed. You are a different person now compared to the one just a second ago, because the thoughts you are thinking now is a direct consequence of your preceding chain of thoughts. A different you results in a different pattern of interaction with the people around you. Do not under-estimate this network effect. History is often altered because of one single thought in one person's mind.

What you are thinking now in your head is a reaction to what you are reading now (my thoughts). So you are no longer the same person. If you had not decided to read these sentences, a different set thoughts would have arisen in your head. And who knows, they would have led to actions that are vastly different from what you will now proceed to execute.

So at every instant, we are transforming into a new person. We are reborn with each thought. So choose your thoughts carefully. Choose what you read wisely. For what happens inside your head result in actions that determine the course of events in the world outside.

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