Saturday, July 23, 2005

Exercising Free Will

Exercising Free Will

I'll be travelling again tomorrow, so blogging will be sparse for the coming week. Come to think of it, my postings have been very irregular for the past month. I have not been away from KL for more than a couple of days for the past two months. No, I'm not growing fond of the city but I have to call it home for the meantime--I think for the coming two years.

Perhaps this coming one week trip is a blessing in disguise. I need time away to think more clearly. I need to get my mind into a "batch processing" mode again. I need to cleanse my mind of extraneous thoughts.

I look forward to evenings by the seaside with a cool mug of beer, soaking in the beauty of the sunset over the Indian Ocean. Travelling is such a good way to break out from your usual habits of thinking. When you find yourself in a new environment, it is often a good oppportunity to break away from your old habits. Seize it and redefine your life by injecting fresh thoughts and ideas. Checkpoint!

Whenever I'm back in KL, I realize how easily people fall into a rut simply because they are completely caught up in the everyday stream of trivialities and petty pursuits. You drive on the highway and you see this frightening "Zombie March"; where are these seemingly unconscious souls heading?

Let's exercise the free will that we all possess. Let's take responsibility for defining our lives.

How does one do that?

By taking control of one's thoughts.

What's your next thought? Is it the result of a deliberate choice you make or are you just an automaton reacting to circumstances around you based on hardwired animal instincts and bad habits? You decide.

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