Monday, July 18, 2005

Hard Work Ahead

Hard Work Ahead

How am I going to juggle between two (and potentially three) different projects which would normally require one hundred percent of my time and energy each? I guess I'll have to somehow find a way to double and triple my "CPU power" to be able to handle this workload. Unfortunately, these are also the type of work that I cannot delegate to other people, even if I have the resources to do so.

If what is required is only hardwork, then it is simple. You just put in the hours. But unfortunate some of the projects require a lot of "inspiration" for the seemingly insurmountable challenges to be overcome. You stare at a problem for hours and still you don't see a way forward. This is the IT consultant's equivalent of writer's block. These are situations that I dread. But I know I will face them inevitably.

Whenever they arise I will have to invoke every trick that I know from De Bono to the Muses. Sigh, my work is never easy but I comfort myself with the fact that the rewards will always commensurate with the effort put in. Yes, nature's perfect accounting system again.

I have a lot of friends who have comfortable high-level jobs in the IT industry. They tell me that the main thing that bothers them is a total lack of a challenge in their jobs. They have risen to positions where all they do is delegate work and make no-brainer decisions. They actually fear that their jobs are making them dumber with each passing day! But still they are stuck there in their present positions because they are drawing good salaries and they are at that stage in their lives (family, kids, mortgage etc etc) when they cannot take any big risks by changing jobs or coming out on their own.

I have to hit the road again soon. It's time to replenish my supply of tricks and ramp myself up to the next level performance. I look forward to some very difficult but hopefully fruitful months ahead!

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