Friday, June 25, 2004

The Seeds of Time

The Seeds of Time

It's coming towards the end of the week and I'm feeling so exhausted. A week often seems to go by very quickly because we tend to remember only its beginning and end; the rest is a blur.

How do we stem the flow of time? We can't.

How then do we make better use of our time?
By not resisting it; by flowing along with it, harnessing its enormous power in the process.

Make time work for us. Plant the seed and over time, it will grow. You cannot rush or shortcut the process, but if you diligently water it, it will sprout and one day grow into a fruit-bearing tree. We just need to make sure that we make the effort to plant the seed in first place. Nature does the rest of the work.

Every effort towards a desired goal, no matter how small, is a seed. Plan your day so that every task you do is a seed; every deed a starting point of great possibilities. Every word you utter, every sentence that you write and every small step that you take forward, every thought that flickers in the brain, is a seed.

Choose the right seeds, water them, and let Time do the rest. You wouldn't mind time flying if you have all your seeds already sown on fertile ground.

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