Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Hideaway

A Hideaway

I'm the type who finds shopping a very tedious task, but I had to spend a whole day today doing just that. I have the task of furnishing my apartment, now that all the basic infrastructure is already in place--even Streamyx. Being the eternally dull person that I am, I plan to furnish it with just the bare essentials--and that does not include a bed, closet or a television!

Well you see, I don't intend to stay in my apartment--at least not yet. It is to be used as a storage place for my "personal stuff" (read books), and a quiet place for me to work without any distractions. I want to have my books all reunited in one place--properly shelfed. This is psychologically very important because with my books stuffed in boxes everywhere as it is now, I feel like fragments of my mind all scattered all over the place and I cannot gather my thoughts and memories easily.

Come to think of it, I've been staying in my existing Subang Jaya home for more than ten years now. Over the years I've collected a lot of junk: I even have to share my bedroom with a Sun workstation, a huge external hard-disk and a 4mm multi-tape backup system! I want to make sure my new apartment does not clutter up like that too.

One thing I've learnt is that things will accumulate very easily, especially junk. So I've made it a point these days to chuck unnecessary things away whenever possible, to maintain the balance. Any new item that comes into the house will require something old to be discarded immediately. But of course, that does not apply to books.

Maintaining another place will mean more utility bills for me to pay. So from now on, I'll have to work doubly hard. But hopefully with a proper home office, my productivity will also shoot up. Everyone needs a place to hide away. In a madly hectic place like KL, I think it is even a necessity. One's sanity is at stake.

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