Monday, May 16, 2005

The Energy of Life

The Energy of Life

It's difficult to blog when you are physically and mentally exhausted after a whole day out there in the city meeting up with people and running tedious errands. But then again I don't see blogging as an obbligation; it's more of a therapy--an opportunity to relax, observe my thoughts and watch them slowly subside into the subconscious.

By writing down thoughts, they reveal themselves in greater clarity, allowing me to make better decisions in life. I've learnt never to rush myself into making decisions. Nature has an organizing principle and it is good to allow thoughts time to "sink in", and to let things find its own level. A state of mental clarity is reached when we know how to let thoughts live out their lives in our heads. Every thought has a lifecycle and its effects; observe it and be cognizant of its effects. Only then does one know how to deal with its consequences wisely.

Right now my head is swimming with thoughts and ideas. But after typing a paragraph of two, my mind will be exhausted and a lot of the thoughts would have subsided because they have consumed their share of energy.

Where did the energy go? They have manifested themselves into words, which are disseminated like seeds throughout cyberspace. And now these seeds are sprouting in your mind as you read this. Sometimes they will not find a single fertile soil to flourish on but sometimes they trigger a frantic burst of life.

When you have gained a better understanding of the spiritual aspects of life, you will see everything in terms of energy. There's nothing in this universe but energy; and energy finds manifestation in a myriad of fascinating forms. We are all born with our personal store of energy. When the energy is in motion, it is manifested as thought and action.

To live is to utilize this energy in the most efficient manner, This energy can be be easily lost as random thoughts and unproductive action. Every minute, every second, this energy is dissipating away, like heat. If we do not harness it to create more possibilities (more seeds), then we are not living life to the fullest.

To master this energy is to master life, and the universe.

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