Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Jakarta Break

A Jakarta Break

I've been very slack in carrying out my blogging duties lately. The usual excuses: work, travel and errands. But it's good to be able to finally squeeze some time between my social and work commitments to type in these few lines from my favourite Internet cafe in Jakarta.

Yes, I've been here in Jakarta since Wednesday with two other Malaysian friends of mine. As usual whenever friends are around, the routine will consist of the mandatory visits our favourite eating places and nightspots. I also had to sacrifice my usual routine of catching up with my Indonesian friends here. But it's okay, I'll have all the time in the world to do so when I come back alone here, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Being out of touch with Indonesia for the last couple of months, I didn't realize that Dewa has already released their new album--Laskar Cinta. I happily picked up a copy at Sarinah yesterday. I'm also planning a visit to the QBWorld bookstore after this to check out the latest Indonesian publications.

After my tiring project in Sri Lanka, this semi-business trip to Jakarta is indeed a welcome break. Things seem to be bustling again here: Starbucks are sprouting up everywhere--a new one just opened at Wisma Metropolitan 1, where my former office is located. I can imagine June, Eric and Edwin smoking happily here everyday, sipping their steaming cups of latte. How I wish I'm still working here!

There's sad news too: my favourite Indomie place is closed. I later found out from June that the owner Watie passed away recently. I was shocked and devasted. We are going to miss her Indomie tremendously because she knew how to make it precisely to our specifications--not overcooked and garnished with liberal slices of raw cabe (chilli).

I'm flying back to KL this evening. I'm glad to have made this trip, even though it is a brief one. I managed to do some necessary banking that I've been putting off for quite a while. Don't know why, I feel a bit reluctant to transfer the bulk of my savings here back to Malaysia; it makes me feel like I'm slowly relinquishing my beloved Indonesian life. It's like breaking up with a lover, but I guess one has to move on. There's much to do back home...

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