Thursday, July 08, 2004

Catching Up

Catching Up

I haven't had the opportunity to eat my Indomie breakfast at the canteen yet because I had to go to the customer site early in the morning. Wati at the canteen makes the best Indomie rebus--lightly cooked, with a sprinkling of freshly cut cabe (chili padi); together with a steaming cup of kopi tubruk, it is one of those simple pleasures of Indonesia that I miss so very much. It's also the only kind of breakfast that I bother to take here in Jakarta.

Tomorrow I won't need to go to the customer's place at Lippo-Karawaci. Time for me to spend a day at the office consolidating all my facts and start charting possible solutions. Maybe I'll even be able to indulge in the luxury of having an Indomie breakfast.

I haven't been listening to any songs by Chrisye for months; and today I suddenly remembered what I've been missing when Eric played Cinta Kita on his car stereo. Chrisye's duet with Sophia Latjuba, Kangen, is also one of my favourite songs. Read somewhere in the papers that Sophia Latjuba is going to marry her new bule boyfriend. She was formerly married to the musician Indra Lesmana.

I think I need to catch up with what's happening with the other Indonesian artistes too. I'm not a big fan of Inul but I remember reading about her buying a big new house in poshy Pondok Indah. There's still no news on Dewa's new album. I can hardly wait.

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