Monday, July 05, 2004

That Divine Fountain

That Divine Fountain

I am relieved that tomorrow is a public holiday--which means that I will be able to catch the final of Euro 2004 tonight. Because of work, I had missed most of the quarterfinal and semifinal matches; so tonight, I'm going to reward myself by watching the entire match from beginning to end.

Did some work this morning at the McCafe in McDonalds, using their free wireless Internet service. Since the Marriot bombing last year, the 24-hour McDonalds at Sarinah has imposed very tight security--all bags are scanned before one could enter its premise. Still it remains one of the most crowded places in downtown Jakarta--which makes it not a very conducive place for work.

Like a ghost, I have been haunting all my favourite places around the Thamrin-Sabang-Menteng area as if I have never left this place. I haven't called any of my friends yet because I am afraid I won't have the time to meet up with them during the coming week. I want to overcome most of my work hurdles first before I start indulging in any social activities.

Maybe I'll have to learn how to alternate effortlessly between work and play. For some reason, it's not something that I can do easily. When I'm deep in work, I become a bit of a hermit. Solitude can help to heighten one's state of mind; and in the fertility of its silence, thoughts at their most sublime would spring forth.

Once they rush in, how ceaselessly they would flow! And in such sparkling showers too--like some divine fountain that draws from the inner depths of our cosmic soul.

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