Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Eating and Drinking Right

Eating and Drinking Right

I've been eating a bit too much Kao Phad--Thai fried rice--for the past couple of weeks. I am fond of it because it is not as oily as the Indonesian or Chinese ones and it tastes very good with the fish sauce. I've also developed at taste for ground red pepper--Thais love to sprinkle the stuff liberally on everything they eat.

I'm back to my routine of not eating breakfast. People always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you musn't skip it. But I normally don't really feel hungry in the morning. Furthermore, lunch is only a couple of hours away; it is usually not possible to avoid it because you always have to join your friends and colleagues.

I realised that two meals a day is more than enough for me. Most of the time we feel hungry because we think about food too often--it doesn't really mean that the the body needs the energy. If we can overcome this irrational craving for food, we can overcome many of our weight-related problems.

There are so many theories about eating right. Some believe in food combining; some advocate cutting down on carbohydrates altogether; some avoid eating read meat. There are others who choose to become strict vegetarians. To me, moderation is the best policy.

Well, I have my superstition too--I believe in asking my own body: Any discomfort that I feel is an indication that I have eaten the wrong thing or have over-indulged in certain food. I suppose when it comes to healthy eating, everyone is entitled to their own pet theories to justify their own eating and drinking habits.

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