Sunday, June 13, 2004

Another Friday Night

Another Friday Night

Feeling lethargic the whole day after a tiring night out with my farang friend yesterday. Having had Thai food for the whole week, we decided to go for a Western dinner and somehow we ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe located at Siam Square.

There we finished a whole bottle of red wine, followed by vodka and gin. From HRC we adjorned to the popular CM2 bar at the basement of the Novotel Bangkok. And like many other trendy bars in Asia, the place is a "trading floor" for ladies-of-the-night: Singapore has Orchard Towers, Jakarta has BATS (Shangrila) and CJ's (Hotel Mulia Senayan), and I heard that in KL, the once respectable Beach Club is also gaining such a reputation.

These days it is almost impossible for a man (especially if you are a Westerner) to enjoy a quiet drink at a hotel bar without being approached by women. Men live in such a world of abundance, but when the pleasures of the flesh are so easily available, they lose a bit of their mystery and allure.

Don't know why, as I get older I am becoming more and more reclusive; I'd rather stay at home, surf the Net and sip some red wine. Sitting there watching the activities on the "trading floor", I wished I was back in the comforts of my apartment with my bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. The noisy band and the smoky environment made me feel extremely tired.

Luckily I didn't have to wait long; my farang friend managed to close his deal easily. I was happy to be able to head back alone to the sanctuary of my apartment. There I treated myself to a nice warm shower before crashing into bed, dead tired. Another Friday night in Bangkok, another blogless day.

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