Friday, May 21, 2004

Smile Millionaire

Smile Millionaire

Looks like I'll have to extend my stay in Bangkok for another week. Not sure if I'm happy about it. I'm not keen to go back to KL either. I think I'm most "at home" wandering from city to city, living out of a suitcase.

The only good thing about being in KL is that, I have all my books with me. Whenever I'm not sure what to blog about, I'll just dip into any volume on my shelfs and immediately I'll latch on to an interesting train of thought.

I seem to be able to read more when I'm on the road too because I get a lot of time to be alone. I enjoy the company of friends but if I happen to be alone--no big deal--I always have something to occupy myself with.

I'm lucky that I never feel bored or depressed whenever I'm alone. I know some people dread long weekends because they'll be so bored at home. A long weekend without anything planned is an unthinkable horror. So they devise ways to "kill time". Killing time is I think the most heinous crime that one could commit. Like what I've mentioned in a previous entry before: to kill time is to kill yourself.

No one could bear throwing away hard-earned money. But time is certainly more precious than money because the supply we have is finite--70 years on the average. Why then do we have no qualms about throwing away time so casually? When it comes to "spending" time, all of us seem to behave like millionaires.

The strange thing is that there are certain things which cost us absolutely nothing, but we behave so miserly when demanded of them. A smile for instance is free--it takes even less energy than talking. A smile can work miracles; it is a gift that everyone is glad to receive. A smile warms the coldest heart.

We are all smile millionaires. So be generous. :-)

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