Thursday, May 20, 2004

Everything a man Could Ask For

Everything a Man Could Ask For

It seems to be the rainy season in Thailand now. I was trapped by the rain at an open air restaurant near my apartment after dinner today. I had my book with me, but the lighting was too bad for me to read. So I spent my time downing a whole large bottle of Singha beer before the rain finally came to a stop.

The place--a pub and restaurant--called "Easy Life" was deserted even though it is a rather cozy and comfortable open-air place, with TV screens everywhere. I was told by the pretty waitress in her halting English that the place is usually packed on weekends. People go there to watch football.

One thing I must say is that I am actually quite surprised by the passion for football exhibited by the Thai people here. Even the women seem especially knowledgeable about football. The other day, J.'s mistress, M.--that Nana girl from Chiengmai--and I had a conversation about the Liverpool football team. She is a great fan of Michael Owen of course, and she likes Steven Gerrard too.

I would think that if Thaksin's bid for 30% stake in Liverpool goes through, the whole nation would be galvanized to support Liverpool. Press reports say both Owen and Gerrard would be invited over to Thailand for the signing ceremony of the MoU.

Beer, women and football--seems like everything that a man could ever ask for. J. was telling me the other day, how miserable life would be without Thailand. I saw no reason to disagree with him.

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