Monday, July 26, 2004

That's Life

That's Life

I came back to KL and didn't leave my home for three days. It was worth it though: I finally managed to complete my work and now I can enjoy a short break between projects to run my errands--bills to pay, friends to meet and housekeeping work to do.

My trip to Singapore was a fruitful and productive one--even managed to catch a movie, something that I haven't done since I watched Troy in Bangkok. One can only work productively for so many hours a day. I try to set certain daily targets and give myself small rewards for achieving them--the movie in Singapore was one of them. Made me kind of miss those good old days when I used to watch movies at the Shaw House every other week.

Singapore is a good city for lovers--it is full of them: kissing and hugging in the train and in every secluded corner of the city, lost in a heady world of their own. Single and partnerless men or women will feel a surge of loneliness whenever they see these lovey-dovey couples. But one needs to have gone through it all to transcend such innocent longings.

One of my ex-colleagues who had retired to a vineyard in Australia wants to join back his former company. Claims that he is bored. Kind of boggles me: A lifetime is very short; why do some people still have problems using up their already limited quota of time?

Maybe we just need to be preoccupied with the trivialities of life so that we can afford the self-pitying luxury of complaining that we never have time to do all the things that we've always wanted to do. One thing that we always do very well is to come up with excuses for things that we are lazy or are afraid to do. "No time" is often a good and convenient excuse.

We'd rather turn on the "screensaver"--the television--and let it mop up whatever little time that we have left at the end of our working day. The next day we will wake up, dress up smartly, to perpetuate this never-ending monotony we call life.

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