Saturday, May 15, 2004

Thoughts on a Friday Night in Bangkok

Thoughts on a Friday Night in Bangkok

Blogging on a Friday night in Bangkok--I seriously need a life. Now, what lame excuses do I have for locking myself up in my apartment when the rest of the town is out partying?

1. too tired and lazy
2. looks like it's going to rain
3. lack of interest

I think number 3 is the most likely reason and probably the most disturbing one too. Why do I not feel any excitement being in Bangkok? The nightlife here is world famous, things are cheap and people are so friendly. As a bachelor, I also have the license to party without guilt--something which many of my married friends are envious of.

Interestingly I find that my married friends are the ones who are the most keen to paint the town red everytime they go on a business trip. Perhaps it takes a caged animal to appreciate the pleasures of the jungle.

In Jakarta, the locals always tell me that the ratio of women to men is something like seven to one. I don't believe the figure is really true but it doesn't matter; the point they are trying to make to me is that, no man (straight, that is) should be without a woman in Jakarta--especially expatriates who are supposed to be "rich".

Why I remained unattached throughout my two years in Jakarta boggled their minds. Ibu Titi almost made me choke on my food when she asked me one day, rather seriously: "Do you like women?"

I had to assure her that I'm 100% straight and I really do like women. To convince her, I rattled off names of some female celebrities whom I do find attractive: Sophia Latjuba, Lola Amaria, Rachel Maryam and Shanty.

But why then do I choose to remain unattached?

That's a million dollar question that warrants a lengthy blog entry by itself. And it is certainly a subject that I wouldn't be keen to write about on a Friday night in Bangkok...

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