Monday, May 10, 2004

The Land of Smiles Again

The Land of Smiles Again

I opted for an AirAsia flight to Bangkok this time and my round trip ticket costs me only a third of what I used to pay--even though I booked rather late. It was my first time taking this budget airline and the overall experience was quite pleasant; service by the cabin crew was especially good.

Looks like I'm getting myself another opportunity to continue my education about Thailand--a country which I must admit to being quite ignorant about. For some reason I am always swarmed with work everytime I'm here and I've never really had an opportunity to sample the real Bangkok. Not sure if this trip is going to be the same again.

Some of my friends--especially the Mat Salleh/bule/farang/angmoh/gweilo expatriates--have a ball of a time living in Bangkok. At least one married a go-go bargirl. They have recently been blessed with child and are living together in Singapore now. I love happy endings like this.

Come to think of it, I don't know of any male expatriate here who does not have a local mistress. A good friend of mine--a married man with wife and kids back in the US--actually has two fulltime Thai mistresses. I asked him how he is able to manage three relationships in his life when experience tells me even one is a big headache.

He told me that he has a simple formula: Woman No.1 of course must not know anything at all about No. 2 and No. 3; but No. 2 has be told about No.1 from the very beginning; and finally No.3 must be informed of the existence of the other two. That way, you avoid a lot of problems.

Even though I have my doubts as to whether the formula can be applied ad infinitum, so far it seems to be working well for my friend. I'll have catch up with him again to see if he has recently increased the size of his harem. They don't call this the Land of Smiles for no reason.

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