Saturday, April 10, 2004

Disorder: The Order of Nature

Disorder: The Order of Nature

I've been spending my weekends cleaning up my room. Housekeeping is a bit of a chore but it has to be done, especially when you only do it once in a blue moon. Now that I'm working a lot from home, I need to ensure that my environment is conducive for productive work.

I admire people who always keep their living and working spaces tidy. I find it difficult to do so for I have a habit of accumulating things and never wanting to throw them away. From now on, I plan to throw away something everytime I acquire something new. Only by constantly clearing away old stuff, will my living space remains uncluttered.

My taste for interior decor has also changed over the years: I used to admire the cluttered Victorian look but I think I am more inclined towards a minimalist, Zen style nowadays. We can furnish our interiors to perfection in whatever style we choose as long as we are willing to pay for it, but the real challenge comes from maintenance. If one has the luxury of a maid, then the burden is lessened a lot. Unfortunately hiring a maid comes with its own set of problems: I've heard so many horror stories about Indonesian maids from my friends here, sometimes I think we are just substituting one pain for another. I'd rather stick with the pain of doing housekeeping myself.

We are always fighting a losing battle against the Second Law of Thermodynamics which states that entropy shall always increase. Keeping your house in order is such a difficult task but messing it up is so easy.

Everyday nature works tirelessly to destroy the vanities that we so pain-stakingly acquire and nurture. The glorious bloom of a flower is but all too brief. Our youth shall wither into old age one day. Knowing the inevitability of decay helps us see our lives in its proper perspective. For ultimately, disorder, is the order of nature.

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