Friday, March 05, 2004

To Live and Die in Bangkok

To Live and Die in Bangkok

I'm glad that tomorrow is a public holiday here in Thailand; there's a long weekend ahead and I have a chance to catch on both my work and sleep.

I've been waking up early everyday to beat the notorious traffic jam here in Bangkok. I take the Skytrain occassionally to certain locations. The Skytrain, also known by its acronym "BTS" (Bangkok Transit System) is clean, comfortable and ultra-modern. One gets a great elevated view of the city, travelling on the BTS.

Come April, Bangkok residents will also enjoy the services of the new Bangkok Subway--the completely underground rail transportation system which will complement the existing Skytrain. There have been great changes in Bangkok since my last trip here many years ago. There's an air of progress and optimism everywhere. With PM Thaksin's CEO-style of governance, Thailand seems to be progressing by leaps and bounds.

I suppose Bangkok is not such a bad city to live and work in. If I stay longer, I'm sure I could pick up the language. I suppose I could also work here permanently if I wanted to, but I have decided to spend the majority of my time in Malaysia this year.

This so-called Land of Smiles has a favourite base for many expariates doing business in South East Asia. I have American friends who are even planning to retire here. Friendly natives, good food, warm weather and readily available women--it's that Tahiti syndrome all over again. I'm not surprised if many choose to settle down permanently here to enjoy their sunset years; and perhaps even die here one day, with a happy smile on the face.

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