Monday, March 01, 2004

The Soulbird

The Soulbird

I hate missing a day of blogging. No matter how tired or exhausted I am, I still try to log on and type in a couple of words. Our days slip by too easily and if we do not bother to record them down, they are lost forever without a single trace. A blog entry captures the tang of the day, the vibrations of the soul at the particular moment in time. There's proof of life.

No matter how mundane our day is, we always learn something from it. We are wiser today compared to yesterday. We are constant nourished by time and by the experiences that we go through. Even though our body breaks down with age, I'd like to think that our souls evolve to ever-higher levels of existence.

The world of matter is a world of decay: everything breaks down ultimately. If we are too attached to our material possessions and our physical appearance, we'd ultimately endure intolerable sadness. Dwell instead on our inner life--the sanctuary within our hearts where the Soulbird soars. We strive to blog daily because our Soulbird always has something to say. Hark, for the Soulbird sings of wondrous things.

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