Thursday, February 12, 2004

Looking & Moving Forward

Looking & Moving Forward

I managed to try the Busway service in Jakarta before I left the city. The service was still gratis (free) then. I took a short hop from the Sarinah stop to Setiabudi on a Saturday morning when the crowd was still small (usually the queue at Sarinah can be quite long).

It was a comfortable ride and but being used to the LRTs in KL, the MRT in Singapore and MTR in Hong Kong, the Busway ride felt slow, and there were many tedious stops in between. Well, it's actually not fair to compare it to a subway train but with an interior that looks and feels like one, one can't help but expect it to zoom from one stop to another. Despite that, It is still a lot better than taking one of the rickety Kopaja buses.

It has been more than two weeks that I've been living a "regular" life in KL. Not used to driving so frequently, my back aches and I feel depleted everyday from all those hours on the road under the hot glare of the equatorial sun. I dislike driving but I'm trying to learn to not despise it too much. With the confusing swirl of new highways that covers KL city now, I often miss an exit or take the wrong turn; but I'm getting back into the rhythm of KL life.

It's going to be Friday again tomorrow; I guess there'll be another drinking session with my friends at KLCC or Bangsar, and I will probably end up missing my daily blogging session. People always ask me why I chose to come back to KL since I like Jakarta so much. There's no simple answer, but I guess I did attempt to analyze my decision in some of my old blog entries like The Kaleidoscope of Life and Crossing the Thin Red Line.

Once a decision has been made, I never look back. I am determined to start a new chapter in my life and it will be a fresh set of adventures that I will be embarking upon. There'll be fresh subjects for me to blog too: if the projects I have in the pipeline materializes, I'll be visiting some of the countries that I have not visited for quite some time. I certainly look forward to that.

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