Sunday, February 15, 2004

My Writing Kitchen

My Writing Kitchen

The professional athlete trains on a regular basis, the dancer rehearses her routines daily; one of the main reasons why I try to blog everyday is to ensure that my writing skills remain sharp. This is important, even more so now, when I have to depend so much on my limited writing capability to make a living.

Well, I am not a professional writer but my peculiar line of work in IT somehow requires me to produce a lot of proposals and architectural whitepapers. These are thick documents that are often not read from cover to cover but they are produced to "prove" that work has been done.

Generally people are lazy to read and write. My job requires me to do both of these tasks intensely. I do not complain because tedious though it may be, I know I am capable of delivering them. Somehow I seem to fill a need out there: people are so lazy to digest all the information that's available, they are willing to pay someone else to chew, swallow and regurgitate them so that the become more "palatable".

Sometimes it is fun because the process of regurgitating food often result in the alteration of its taste. At the very least I make them taste better by filtering out the dross and distilling its essence. Sometimes I create new tastes by synthesizing different pieces of information together and in doing so provide fresh insights to the reader.

There's a lot of information out there. Most people just consume and much of it is junk. The stuff that I write in my blog are just regurgitation of things I've read from different sources and synthesis of pieces of information that I personally find interesting. I'm not sure if they are "tasty" to the average reader but it is something that I have to do: I have to keep my writing "kitchen" humming or it'll grind to a halt and will be extremely difficult to start again.

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