Saturday, January 31, 2004

Uncluttering the Mind

Uncluttering the Mind

There was a massive jam in the city yesterday evening due to a combination of the 3-in-1 ruling , Friday evening, the rain and the long weekend ahead. I got stuck in a cab for more than two hours but somehow managed to make my way to the University and submitted my marks for the final exam, before they closed.

I'm finally able to close my part-time teaching career and concentrate on my new private enterprise. It looks like I won't have any time to settle down in KL; two projects are already in the pipeline and I'll have to start working immediately.

Today is the first day that I managed to catch my breath since arriving back in Jakarta. I miss my regular weekends here: surfing at the Internet cafe, teh susu with a good book at Phoenam Cafe, watching Premier League soccer and preparing slides for the coming week's lectures. With the remaining time until tomorrow that I have here, I'll have a tough time deciding whether I should meet my friends before I leave (deciding who to meet is a big problem).

I'll probably end up spending my time alone. Perhaps a visit to QB World for one last time before I go--but must make sure that I don't buy anymore books!. I already had a tough time shipping and hauling all my books back to KL. Luckily my Malaysian friends who left today helped me to hand-carry some of them back. It was tough managing all my nomadic possessions (which I had already tried hard to minimize); at one time while I was travelling to Jogja, I had my things scattered between my old office, my friend's house, the University locker and the hotel storage room. Now, I think 90 percent of them have been taken care of.

When I get back to KL, I must clear away some of my old stuff to make way for the new. I realised that the act of cleaning up one's things has a good psychological effect on the mind--it helps you to unclutter your thoughts. To change your thinking, start by changing your environment. The condition of one's room or dwelling place often reflects the mess that's inside one's mind. A visit to Ikea might give me some good ideas...

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