Friday, January 30, 2004

Emerging from the Oasis

Emerging from the Oasis

I actually missed a day of blogging yesterday--first time for quite a long time. Was completely tied up yesterday entertaining friends and marking my students' exam papers. I am glad and relieved to have completely tabulated all the marks this morning.

At the same time I am also busy setting up the necessary the infrastructure for my next endeavour in KL. (Well, I do have to make a living too). Was happy to hear that my company name has been approved and projects are coming in for me too. I suppose I'll have to spend a lot of time dealing with the mundane but necessary task of filling my rice-bowl in the coming months. I look forward to having another adventure in Indonesia (perhaps to Sumatra or Sulawesi) after I'm able to close some projects.

It'll be very tough for me to update this blog daily but I will try to do so. I will also have to spend a lot of time catching up on my work-related reading too. I cannot spend too much time anymore researching on Sukarno or any of my other weird obsessions. I'll have to try and find joy in IT again, which is still the line which I have to earn a living from, no matter how reluctant I am.

I suppose I can inject enthusiasm in anything I do as long as I can find some meaning in it. It is one of the reasons why I am opting out of the corporate world: it has become rather tiresome and meaningless for me. I need to find a new cause to fight for. Hopefully, the challenge of depending solely on my own knowledge and skills to eke out a living out there in the IT jungle will spur me to work harder.

I will need to constantly remind myself of what's important in life. This blog serves as a daily motivation pep-talk session for myself. I must maintain my discipline and not fall into a rut. Jakarta has nurtured me so kindly for the past two years and provided me with endless fascinations. I had built myself an oasis of calm in this Third World chaos. Enough soul-searching has been conducted over the past two years. I have voluminous journals recording the maelstrom of thoughts that have been raging in my head.

Thinking is over; time to execute.

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