Sunday, December 14, 2003

A Sunday Sermon

A Sunday Sermon

Watching this year's Nobel prize winners for science being interviewed on the BBC by Nik Gowing, makes me feel nostalgic for my student days when science was my biggest passion.

I could never understand why some people consider science to be at odds with religion. To me, science itself is a religious pursuit; I have often seen it that way, even as a kid. The quest to understand Nature is the greatest adventure that Man could embark on. Science is just an expression of that yearning. Religious pursuits is another aspect of the same primal impulse.

Religion and science allow us to explore our connection with the universe. In science, we are always in awe with the mysteries of the cosmos. Underlying all phenomena in Nature are laws so simple and elegant, comprehending them is an intellectual intoxication equal to the divine ecstasy attained by a saint in deep meditation.

What cripples both science and religion is dogma. Dogma is a product of Man's ego. We think that we already know everything and refuse to consider other alternatives. If we could over come our intellectual pride and our holier-than-thou attitude, Man's material and spiritual progress will be a lot smoother and swifter.

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