Monday, December 15, 2003

The Blooming of the Mind

The Blooming of the Mind

I have been very busy for the past few days with one of my projects. Now that it is done, I have to concentrate on finishing the others. It is difficult to work when the mind is distracted. I take great pains to maintain my concentration; work produced when the mind is focussed is often of good quality.

Sometimes I suspect we all do not use a hundred percent of our brainpower whenever we are trying to do accomplish something that requires mental work. We often claim that we can work better with the TV on or with some music in the background. Well, it could be true that some reasonable amount of work could be accomplished in such conditions but then we could be using our brains at a very superficial level.

When we are fully concentrated, we are not aware of what's around us. If we are aware of the music, that means the mind is actually alternating between music and work. The effective throughput of the brain is halved. Or at least that's what I suspect.

Having some music or TV in the background makes working less of a lonely task. It becomes a problem when we allow the mind to wander too often to input that is less strenuous to the brain, such as music or TV, thus spending even less CPU time for real work.

I often have the TV or music on whenever I'm working in my room at night. But I know what I could produce is not 100% of what I am capable of. If I have complete silence, ideas would just spring up from the depths of my mind. An uncluttered mind naturally produce creative thought bubbles.

My mystical sense tells me that the mind is in essence creative. When loud external stimuli hits the brain, they dominate the vibrations in our minds, obscuring our awareness of creative thoughts that are constantly being emanated. We spend our time instead reacting to the rather pleasant stimuli.

If we quiesce the mind and listen to the voice inside, we could discover wondrous results. The concentrated mind unfolds its treasures like a blooming flower. And sweet ideas are then released from within, like pollen borne on the wind.

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