Sunday, December 07, 2003

Something Out of Nothing

Something Out of Nothing

Woke up late the past two days. I have to make sure that I make up extra early tomorrow morning for my Monday appointment.

It is good to be an early riser but it is something that I have not been able to do successfully all these years. I still have a habit of sleeping after midnight; and unfortunately I cannot do without 8 hours of sleep. I envy people who manage with four or five hours of sleep. While working on a project earlier this year in KL, I made do with only three four hours of sleep for a whole week. But I felt like a zombie throughout the entire time.

I suppose I have to stick to the formula of 8 hours sleep, 8 hours leisure and 8 hours work and try to make my 8 hours of work really count by increasing my efficiency and productivity. Maybe sometimes I impose too harsh a discipline on myself. Why can't I just relax, let go and enjoy life?

But I suppose everyone enjoys life in their own different ways. I used to enjoy clubbing with my friends a lot. Now I consider it a rather tiring affair. Our perception of things changes as we grow older. Now just using time fruitfully gives me great pleasure. It has become an end in itself. But what are the types of activities that I consider fruitful?

To be able to create something out of nothing, to make things happen, to influence lives; to be able to evolve intellectually and spiritually and to practise your God-given gifts---these are all fruitful activities. When we are born we have so much potential energy. But like coiled springs the energy is finite--it can either be wasted as heat or it can be converted into useful work.

Even seemingly mundane activities can be fruitful ones sometimes: A meeting with a friend, a report you have to write, a walk in the park. At the end of every activity, I always ask myself: What have I learnt from this activity?

I always learn something from every blog entry that I write. Every word that I type, every sentence and thought that emerges from my head is something created out of nothing. Some amount of my energy has been released into cyberspace. It now speaks in your mind (Hello!). And once released, they cannot be retracted. My world, your world has forever changed.

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