Thursday, December 11, 2003

Moving Thoughts

Moving Thoughts

Before I started blogging regularly, I used to jot my thoughts down manually on paper notebooks. These notes were taken everywhere--on the train, plane or sometimes sitting in a cafe at some strange city.

Flipping through my notebooks today, I noticed something that I wrote while I was travelling on board the night train to Singapore:
Why should we ever be stationary? Why can't we be moving and working at the same time, all the time? Killing two birds with one stone in the process? Many animals are migratory; our ancestors and many tribes today are nomads. This nomadic instinct is something primal, something hardwired in our genes...
I've also written in an previous blog entry that it is probably normal for us to be nomadic. The human mind yearns for fresh sights all the time. We probably have suppressed this instinct by using TV as a poor substitute.

Why can't we be travelling everytime we go to bed and wake up fresh at a different location in the morning, meeting new people? At the time when I was writing those words, I was having this wild idea that, maybe, I could just sleep on the KL-Singapore-KL train every night, and alternate between the KL and Singapore office everyday! It'll probably cost less than renting an apartment in Singapore. Well, it's just one of my many wild thoughts. Probably worth a thought, no?

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