Tuesday, April 01, 2003

After being fired by NBC for airing his views about the Iraq war in an interview with Iraqi TV, veteran TV journalist Peter Arnett apologized to the American people for his "misjudgement". But he claimed that he was merely expressing what everyone already knew about the war. Arnett also came under criticism in the 1991 Gulf War for reporting that a biological weapon factory bombed by the US was in actual fact a milk powder factory. Despite having differing views, the Iraqis have a respect for him and sees him as a "fellow warrior".

Arnett was also fired by CNN for his report on the alleged use of sarin gas by the US in Laos in 1970 to kill US defectors. For having the guts to go against corporate giants like CNN and standing by what he believes in, he has my respect too. This Pullitzer Prize-winning journalist was also credited for conducting the first ever TV interview with Osama Ben Laden in 1997.

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