Monday, March 31, 2003

It is interesting to read that Labour party chairman, John Reid's claim that the BBC's war coverage is biased in favour of Saddam Hussein. BBC has been my main source of news about the war since it began more than 10 days ago. Though I would not go so far as claiming that they are biased, I would say that the BBC reporting, and perhaps most Western media in general, tends to want to project the fact that the war is not going as swiftly as original planned. Often heard comments like 'tougher than expected Iraqi resistance' and 'over-stretched supply lines' gives the impression that the coalition forces have underestimated the Iraqis.

Reporters want to portray the dramatic. They were promised 'shock and awe'. That didn't really come. Obviously one would expect some kind of backlash from the press. One thing is clear: this is not going to be a swift war. Though the American leadership claims that everything is going 'according to plan', no one will buy the fact that this plan of 'flexibility and adaptibility' as General Tommy Franks put it is the original 'shock and awe' one. There is a world of difference between the two.

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