Sunday, September 26, 2010

River Pebbles

Pebbles at the bottom of the river are smooth and round. Years and decades of being eroded by the currents have made them so. They are at one with the river. They have no more ego. They are at peace.

When we are born, we are all rocks with sharp edges. We have a personality, ego, likes and dislikes. We go out into the world, seeking to impose our will onto the world. Occasionally we get things to go our way. We are momentarily happy. But we then realize that these momentary happiness come with a heavy emotional price. We can get them all, because our time and energy are limited.

Then we learn go after things that are important. Our ego tells us: "This is important. I must have this and that. I must do this to show the world what I am capable of". And we go after them with all the energy that we have, only to realize that what the ego thinks important is false. It takes you a lot of time and energy to realize that, all seeking and wanting, that is the nature of the ego, comes with a price on the soul. It turns sharp rocks into smooth pebbles.

A smooth pebble knows how to blend into the flow of the river--the Soul of the World. It has relinquished its ego. It can choose to harness the power of the currents instead of imposing itself and impede their flow.

River pebbles have great wisdom. Watch how the currents embrace them, churning out a smooth gurgling sound. Listen to it carefully: these murmurings are the pebbles' words of wisdom.

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