Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Where the Skies are Blue...

Where the Skies are Blue...

I'll be attending a training for the next three days. It's been a while since I attended any formal professional trainings. When I was working in a multinational, I kind of avoided them because they can be awfully boring and the instructors who teach them are often people who don't possess any field experience. I've always believed that the best training comes from hands-on work.

It's funny to find myself actually paying to attend a training now. But sometimes in the professional field, a paper certification is needed to get you into the game. Since the timing for this training is right, I thought why not. Still the biggest challenge in any kind of training is keeping awake throughout the sessions. Hopefully the next three days is not going to be a big torture for me.

When I was teaching at an Indonesian university, I tried to prepare my lectures so that they would not put my students to sleep. And I knew that I did not always succeeed. It is actually a great challenge to occupy the audience's attention in any subject-matter for more than an hour. So I do sympathize with training instructors. It's not an easy job. Furthermore, you have the obbligation to cover the entire syllabus, which will certain include topics that are bound to cure the worst case of insomnia. Hmm, maybe I should tape tomorrow's lectures and give them to a few of my friends who are suffering from it.

Looks like I'll have to make this posting short; I'll need to be up early tomorrow morning and join the Zombie March to town (to the accompaniment of the Pet Shop Boy's version of Go West)...
Go West, Life is peaceful there
Go West, There in the open air
Go West, Where the skies are blue
Go West, This is what we're gonna do

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