Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Residue of Emotions

The Residue of Emotions

I wrote in a previous entry that forgiving someone is nothing but good emotional management. Why do we want to accumulate negative emotions inside us and let them consume our resources unnecessarily?

A lot of us walk around with too much pent up anger and hatred. The pent-up emotions between family members or loved ones determine our lives to a great deal. Such relationships are often shaped equally by both love and hatred. We hate someone so much because we love them even more. Our expectations are so high and when they are shattered, the pain is too much for us to bear.

Do not let emotions accumulate. They are just waves of reaction, felt in the body, resulting from a thought or action. If you see it that way, you will realize that emotions are but transient things. All anger comes as a wave and fades away like the ebbing tide. The tumult of romantic love is like that too. What we need to accumulate is the distilled wisdom which every experience brings.

Let each emotional experience fade away naturally before taking on the next one. That way, you have the opportunity to decipher its inner lessons. What each emotional wave brings is wisdom, like nuggets of gold left behind on the riverbed of the mind. Take every experience in life, feel the vibratory qualities of its emotion but do not get washed and carried away.

Emotions will always come and go, but wisdom, the residue of emotions, remains forever.

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