Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Raising Ourselves to Godhood

Raising Ourselves to Godhood

All artistic pursuits are ways to serve God. An artist creates; in doing so, he partakes in the unfolding cosmic drama that is the evolving universe. The artist becomes a vehicle of God, an expression of the Divine Will.

Scientists pursue God intellectually--through analysis and understanding. The artist dives straight into God's veins and swims in the sweetness of His blood, while the scientist is content with measuring blood pressure and putting blood cells under the microscope. Each finds spiritual ecstasy in his own way.

An artist tunes into God's Mind to allow a fragment of His infinite creativity to find expression through him. The artist knows that the entire universe is throbbing with creative energy. He taps into this universal flow of creative energy and allow it to crystalize into beautiful forms, which we call works of art.

The dichotomy between art and science is false, an illusion, a mental barrier that should not exist. How wonderful life is if we have the opportunity to pursue both art and science! We may not be born with the talent to become great artists or scientists but all of us can experience theirs joys in our own small ways. All the artistic masterpieces of the world are easily accessible to anyone who's interested. All scientific discoveries of mankind are freely available in books for us to learn.

When we listen to Mozart, we feel as if God is speaking directly to us, in His voice. Such is the beauty of Mozart's music. When we look at the beauty and symmetry of Maxwell's equations, we feel awed by the grandeur of His works.

There's so much beauty in this world for us to enjoy and yet we waste our time complaining about life and quarrelling with others over insignificant things. Enough of such pettiness! Let's all take a cue from Beethoven:
Go on; do not practise art alone but penetrate to her heart; she deserves it, for only art and science can raise man to godhood.

- Teplitz, July 17, 1812, to his ten year old admirer, Emilie M.

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