Monday, June 20, 2005

Life Outside Cyberspace

Life Outside Cyberspace

My phone line has been down for a couple days, cutting me off completely from cyberspace. I've also been too occupied with a string of mundane but necessary matters to have time to stop by at my usual Wi-Fi oases. Hence the huge gaps in my blog entries. It's quite inconvenient not being able to access the Net from home but I shall refrain from using this blog entry to bitch about our inept Tele-koman, oops, Telekom (or TM or whatever they choose call themselves these days) because it is not my nature to do so and there's enough of such bitching in blogosphere.

I'm also trying not to complain too much about my lack of Internet access because I'm learning not to over-indulge in unnecessary surfing. I know that if I don't spend so much time online, I will have more time to read my books and even watch my DVDs. There's a huge backlog in both areas and I must say, they are rather essential to my continued education.

I'm building quite a collection of old Malay movies too. I'm not sure if anyone is old enough to remember our very own Malay James Bond--Jefri Zain--played by a very young and skinny (Datuk) Jins Shamsuddin. I have fond memories of watching them on TV as a kid. Now I think I have managed to acquire all the Jefri Zain movies in my VCD collection! Well, the plot and acting in these sixties movies may seem a bit too corny for our modern taste, but they are sure fun.

I'm also a devoted fan of P. Ramlee; so it is not surprising to find a huge collection of his movies in my collection. Most of his movies were shown before I was born, but for some reason I seem to have a great nostalgia for the sixties. Which is why I am also very fond of the old Sean Connery Bond movies (Goldfinger being my favourite). Needless to say, I also have the entire James Bond collection in my library, including audio CDs for all their wonderful theme songs. There's not a single Bond movie that I do not like--even George Lazenby's one and only appearance as 007 in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

So there is life for me, even without the Internet. Of course, with access to cyberspace, my interests in everything have been multiplied a thousand-fold because of the vast amount of information that are immediately available at my fingertips. But alas, the pleasures in life are many and time is finite!

As you grow older, you become much clearer of your priorities in life. I guess now you know why I can never bring myself to pay attention to such "mundane" matters as career and marriage :-) But I might just consider a date with someone who's interested to spend the evening with me watching Jefri Zain in Jurang Bahaya...

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