Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sleep Less in KL

Sleep Less in KL

I'm trying to blog while waiting for my dinner appointment here at KLCC. Feeling a bit tired today because I've been sleeping late every night. Last night, I wanted to do some reading before going to bed but fell asleep with the lights on.

I've blogged about sleep a couple of times before. One of my favourite advice for people who have difficulty sleeping is not to try too hard. Don't bother changing into your pyjamas or switching off the lights. Go to bed instead with the lights on and tell yourself that you are just lying down for a short while before resuming work. A bit of reverse psychology works sometimes because we tend to fall asleep when we are not supposed to do so.

I rarely have problems sleeping because I'm usually dead tired every night. I only encounter difficulties two or three nights every year and that's usually because I had "accidentally" caught a nap earlier in the evening due to fatigue and end up being wide awake all night.

I've been trying for many years to rise and go to bed earlier because I think it is healthier that way. But somehow my body has it's own set of ideas. (Or is it my mind?) For some reason, have this built-in desire to sleep less.

You see, I am often "reluctant" to go to bed early. When my body tells me it's time to go to sleep, my mind will plead: "Another half-an-hour of reading or surfing please?". Half an hour usually becomes two hours and I'll end up sleeping at three in the morning.

Maybe tonight is a good time to hit the sack early. Hopefully my dinner with friends doesn't adjourn into a drinking session. If that happens, I'll find an excuse to leave early--I certainly don't want to fall asleep on the wheel while driving home. Happened to me way too many times in the past. Can be a very dangerous thing--I might end up sleeping forever!

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