Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Weapon that Women Wield

The Weapon that Women Wield

My friend R., an American who recently returned home after living for over a decade in South East Asia, e-mailed me recently to tell me that he is struggling to adapt to life there. He wrote: "The women here are fat and always look 10 years older than their age".

I can't blame him. When he was living in Bangkok, he had two young mistresses; he was living together with one and seeing the other whenever there's opportunity. His Thai girlfriends treated him like a king, even though they knew very well that he has a wife back in the States. A decade of pampering in the East has made it difficult for R. to adapt to life back home.

It is probably a bit surprising that there's indeed such a thing called true love, which ultimately binds a man and a woman together for life. Despite his infidelities elsewhere, R. still chose to return to his wife, for deep down inside he loves her. He could have easily chosen to settle down with a younger and prettier woman in Thailand but in the end, the strength of a relationship is not based purely on lust (though it often provides a good starting point). So my friend R. obediently endures a lesser existence back in the United States of America, because true love always triumphs over lust.

Conclusion: a man will always return to the woman he loves, even though he might conveniently hop into the bed of a few others along the way.

But hold on there: from a woman's point of view, that is not good enough. And understandly so. There's no question that a man will not tolerate a bed-hopping spouse; why shouldn't men be subjected to the same moral standards too?

Maybe the male-dominated world out there gives women a raw deal. I've blogged before here and here on how easy it is for men to stray, simply because whenever and wherever there's a need, there are more than enough willing suppliers. For the male traveller in a foreign land, sometimes it is easier to find women than food.

Should women then take all this lying down (pun not intended)? Is there something that they can do against this injustice? What weapon can women wield against men?

I belong to the male species, so it is politically incorrect for me to suggest anything :-) But one can find the answer within the problem itself. I have already given a bit clue in a previous posting.

Perhaps some words of wisdom from the Marquise de Merteuil, played by Glen Close in the movie version of Dangerous Liaisons, will serve to clarify my point:
When one woman strikes at the heart of a man, she seldom misses, and the wound is invariably fatal.

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