Monday, February 14, 2005



I'm probably among the very few who will thank God that it's Monday again. Finally life can go back to normal: I am able to resume my quiet jogging sessions in the morning while everyone else--still reeling from the stupor of Chinese New year gluttony, boozing and gambling--rushes off to work again in reluctant panic.

I am also feeling a bit more relaxed today because I've finally completed the proposal which I've been working non-stop over the holidays with my counterparts in Australia and Indonesia. And I almost forgot, it's Valentine's Day again.

I know of at least two types of people who dread Valentine's Day. The first category consists of all those single people who do not have anyone to spend Valentine's Day with. 14th of February becomes the loneliest day of the year for them. But they should not despair. There are people who organize Single's Valentine's Day dinners, where one can join and meet new friends from the opposite sex and perhaps get a head start for next year's Valentine's Day.

The second category of people who also dread Valentine's Day are the more interesting ones. These are the two-timers, usually men. When you have more than one "special" girlfriend, Valentine's Day becomes a bit of a scheduling nightmare. Who should you have that romantic dinner with? Well, the best arrangement is to dine with one and sleep with the other. Or better still, forgo the costly dinner altogether and get the first one to settle for an early romp.

But seriously I think Valentine's Day is fast becoming the most unromantic day of they year, simply because it has become such a commercialized affair. Restaurants, gift shops and florists are the ones who end up celebrating the most. I dread the day when girls start demanding organic roses...

Thank God I'm through with all these Valentine's Day nonsense. I agree, I'm that kind of dull and unromantic bloke who deserves to suffer singlehood forever. But don't know why, I can't seem to thank God enough for it :-)

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