Sunday, February 13, 2005

Night Thoughts of a Night Owl

Night Thoughts of a Night Owl

I admire people who are able to go to bed early and rise at the break of dawn. I think it is healthier that way. The mind is clearest after a good night's rest. If you are able to wake up say at 4.00am and then put in two hours of solid productive work, that can sometimes be better than your entire day's output.

Unfortunately I am more of a night owl--writing, reading and surfing late into the night. Waking up early can be a bit of a struggle. Night-time is a good time for reflecting on the day's events, digesting their effects and consequences and distilling the wisdom out of every action and reaction.

I try not to carry over unresolved emotions to the next day. Whatever happens today, ends today. And tomorrow you begin with the wisdom that you have acquired from all your cummulative life experiences until that very point. We wake up everyday in the morning a wiser person.

Sometimes it feels like we are going downhill, especially when we are experiencing a bad patch in life. Don't fall into despair or be disillusioned. Consider it a time of consolidation and internal resolution. We have to take a step backwards so that we can move two steps forward. Without going through the carthasis of the experience, we'll never move on to the next level of development.

The butterfly always emerges from its pupa stage a beautiful creature, ready to take on the world with a bright new pair of wings. We too will need to go through stages in our lives where we undergo certain metamorphoses from which we emerge transformed. Something in us dies with each transformation to allow something new to be born.

So we die every night to enable us to be born again in the morning, a brand new person.

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