Sunday, February 27, 2005

Off to Serendip

Off to Serendip

I'm quite glad to be flying again because the weather in KL has become quite intolerable. Even though rain brought a bit of relief last night, I believe by midweek we'll be enveloped in the depressing heat and haze again.

The last time I went to Sri Lanka, a couple of months back, the weather there was very pleasant with blue skies and bright sunshine everyday. I'm looking forward to more of that in the coming week when I arrive there later this evening.

I didn't get to see much of Sri Lanka on my previous trip due to my tight schedule and the difficulty in fending off tourist touts who pestered me everytime I walked out from the hotel with offers of sightseeing tours and young women. I must find ways to be more elusive this time.

I don't expect a tight schedule on this trip. This is just a continuation of the work that I had started on my previous visit and this second trip of mind has actually been postponed many times due to various reasons. (Of course the tsunami disaster also disrupted business a bit in Sri Lanka).

But I'm told that things are back to normal now. So I'm eager to regain my "match fitness" and finish off my remaining work there. My problem is, I find it so difficult to work whenever I'm back in KL sometimes. I'd rather be travelling more often from now onwards to keep up my work momentum.

With the insufferable weather that's going to plague us for at least another month, there's no incentive for me to spend time in KL. So I'm off to Serendip!.

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