Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Ocean of Being

The Ocean of Being

Every now and then, all of use will be overcome by feelings of loneliness. In extreme cases, loneliness can plunge a person into great depths of depression, sometimes even leading to suicide. The feeling is like staring into an abyss, to find nothing staring back at you.

If one is so used to having family and friends around, suddenly finding oneself stranded alone in the world can be a very difficult and even traumatic experience to go through. Like what I've mentioned before, many of us would rather hang on to an unhappy relationship than to face life alone.

To a certain extent, having a sense of purpose in life helps one in overcoming loneliness. It could be a job, a career or a mission that one pursues. But if one is driven purely by egoistic and selfish reasons, one will still end up a very lonely person in the end.

As human beings, we have a natural urge to share our interests, dreams and hopes with others. We are creatures of connection. We always need someone to talk to, failing which we would end up feeling very isolated and lonely.

Connecting to other people is a very healthy thing; by doing so, one can exchange ideas and opinion, and grow into a better person as a result. In an ideal world, all human interactions should help to spread love, knowledge and energy evenly--all interactions should add to the sum of humanity's happiness.

Our world is an imperfect one because humanity as a whole has a karma to work out. The oceans are forever restless because they are constantly being stirred by the interacting gravities of the Earth and the Moon.

We are all like moons and planets with our own equivalent of gravity--our egos. The gravity of of our egos make us want to manipulate others for our own personal benefit and comfort. We draw other people's emotional energies so that the void inside us is filled. And so we go out into the world everyday, tugging, drawing, pushing, pulling and shoving so that we find that emotional equilibrium that we yearn for.

That is karma in action. Loneliness is but a symptom of this state of inequilibrium. We feel lonely because we have physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs that need to be filled. Our need to connect to others is the universe's way of finding a resolution to this uneven distribution of energy. When we interact with the world, we exchange energies on all these four planes of existence.

And ultimately, all that jostling and fighting will inevitably come to an end--everyone will be fulfilled, energy will all be distributed evenly, all our karmas would have been worked out and the ocean of our being will finally be still.

Only then will we experience loneliness no more.

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