Saturday, August 07, 2004

The Wisdom That Comes With Age

The Wisdom That Comes With Age

People worry a lot about growing old; but it is actually not such a bad thing. You see, a lot of things only come with age; after you have been around long enough, people, situations and events exhibit themselves with a certain clarity. You are able to size things up in an instant and be able to see how events will most likely unfold itself in the future.

You meet a person, and you immediately sense his or her past and future. It is like looking at a snapshot of an ocean: you see waves frozen in time but if you are an experienced surfer, you are able to know what kind of conditions that led to the state of motion captured in the photo; and you know how the waves will eventually crash and dissolve, when it is "unfrozen".

As a surfer, you learn how to "feel" the laws of physics that guide the motion of waters. You can deduce its causes and be able to predict the effects of its motion intuitively; and subsequently be able to adjust your body accordingly to tap its energy. All that is done in an instant, without the need for laborious mathematics.

We live in an ocean of action and reaction--what I normally refer to as the "sea of karma". After a while, you gain an intuitive understand of things and events around you. Everyone of us is a surfer--some are better ones than others. The currents of human affairs are complex but you don't need mathematics to understand them. Like a surfer, you need to learn how to feel the energy of its waves. You need experience and wisdom--and that usually comes with age.

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