Saturday, June 05, 2004

That Sublime State

That Sublime State

I took the opportunity today to catch up on my technical reading while waiting at the airport and during my short flight to Bangkok. I had to refrain myself from reading other books to get into the mood for work for I have an important week ahead with the customer. Which is also why I decided to arrive here two days early.

I reckoned I will be more productive here in the isolation of my serviced apartment. KL is full of distractions--but I guess have only myself to blame for not utilizing my time there better. Arriving earlier in Bangkok also gives me precious time to do some planning with Johan (who had arrived yesterday) before we start work for the week.

It usually takes me a great deal of effort ensure that I remain focussed on my work. Certain places make me think and work better--Bandung is one of them. Whenever I'm in Bandung, my concentration is unsurpassed; my head would always be brimming with ideas. Jakarta and Bangkok are not too bad too but KL remains a challenge.

I need to achieve that sublime state of mind where every thought appears crystal clear and sharp. It is not easy for it takes enormous willpower and unerring singlemindedness. I must, minimize distractions. The usual culprits--TV, telephone and the Net must be contained.

Work can sometimes be a tedious and tiresome thing. But when we are focussed and are able to achieve a state of concentration where we and the work are one--like a craftsman at work--it can be quite a satisfying experience.

I'm trying my best to achieve that state.

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