Friday, May 28, 2004

Stepping Stones & Stumbling Blocks

Stepping Stones & Stumbling Blocks

I'm going to write something mystical and obscure today--don't know what yet. One of the reasons why I blog daily is to remind myself of things that are important. The mind needs to be regularly "calibrated" so that it doesn't veer off course. When I'm in calibration mode, I spew out esoteric mumbo-jumbo.

Switch off the TV and let the silence envelope you. Suddenly your inner mind unfurls itself. All thoughts begin to die down, and you realise how you have been operating the whole day using only a very superficial level of your mind. There's so much more depth within which you did not bother to tap into.

All the frivolous pleasures of the senses are like a veil which obscures your perception of your Real Self--the divine nature which every one possesses. When we dive into the inner realms of our minds, we withdraw ourselves from the false bedazzlement of the world. We experience real peace.

But somehow the world of the senses has a way of seizing us, seducing us and makes us think that it is all that exists and matters. We end up associating ourselves with our body and our material possessions. We begin to take too much pride in our intelligence, our social standing and our reputation among our peers. How shallow these things are!

Intelligence is something that's higly over-rated. Intelligence, ultimately is just a tool to seek the truth. The problem begins when we become over-obsessed with tools and gadgetry that we forget why we actually acquired them in first place. A car is just a vehicle for us to get from point A to point B. If we have 20/20 vision, we'll not be bothered about wearing spectacles. Cars and spectacles, like intelligence, are just tools.

When intelligence is worn like fashion statement or bandied like a badge of honour, then something is wrong. Intelligence is a stepping stone towards the perception of Truth. But sometimes stepping stones can also turn out to be stumbling blocks.

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