Sunday, March 21, 2004

A Malaysian Education

A Malaysian Education

It only took me only 15 minutes at the polling station today to cast my vote; but it looks like many voters in Selangor were not so fortunate. In Gombak, there was complete chaos.

Even though the outcome of our elections is a foregone conclusion, there will still be some surprises here and there. I'll probably spend a greater part of the night monitoring the results. Looks like there are some pleasant surprises in store for the ruling party.

Once upon a time, I remember people used to stock up their food supplies when election comes; the memory of a particular day in May more than three decades ago still haunt them. Today I believe many are more concerned with whether they can go to vote and still be able to catch the F1 race in the afternoon.

Now that I'm back in Malaysia for good, I want embark on a rediscovery of my own country. Even though I was born here and am a hundred percent a product of the Malaysian education system, there's still much about Malaysia that I do not know. We tend to take things that are familiar to us for granted. I want to tackle Malaysia from a fresh perspective and look at it with a beginner's mind--like how I experienced Indonesia.

In many ways, my education has only just begun.

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