Sunday, March 28, 2004

Have Book Will Travel

Have Book Will Travel

I haven't been reading much since the beginning of this year because I've been busy with my work and the logistics of settling down in KL again. But I did finish Colin Thubron's Lost Heart of Asia, which is an enjoyable read, even though the pace is very slow. Colin Thubron writes beautifully; there's so much that I could learn from his prose. I think I will definitely read more of him in the future.

The Lost Heart of Asia details the author's travels in the countries of Central Asia in the old Soviet Union, countries that used to lie along the Silk Road. I remember reading a similar but no less engaging book early last year by Vikram Seth (Through Heaven Lake) about his overland journey from China to India.

Travel books are fun and easy to read. Whenever I travel, I would normally bring one or two travel books along with me. Paul Theroux has always been my favourite but I seem to have exhausted all his books already.

Part of the joy of travelling is the reading that you can do on the journey. Time waiting at the airport and train station is quality reading time. I find it difficult to read on a travelling bus; hence the train is always my first choice. Being on a flight without a book is probably worst than losing your luggage.

I will be travelling again probably in two week's time. Not sure what books I'll be bringing with me this time. Sometimes it is very difficult to decide. But that is a good problem.

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