Thursday, February 26, 2004

Pleasures of the Flesh & Mind

Pleasures of the Flesh & Mind

During the past weeks that I was back in KL, it was very difficult for me to concentrate on my work. Somehow I always think better when I'm on the road, alone. Here in Bangkok, in this city of sin and pleasure, surprisingly I'm gaining back my concentration.

Concentration is like fitness. You could lose it very easily and you need to work to maintain it. Once you have reached the level of fitness/concentration you desire, you need to keep it that way and extract maximum performance out of it. I have written in a previous blog entry how the mind "blooms" when it is concentrated.

Again I'm back in my familiar "commando" role of being parachuted into a customer organization and having to find my way around in some very difficult terrain. It's a tough job, but for some reason, I operate best that way--it keeps my adrenaline flowing. My concentration has to be maintained at its peak, always.

If there's one thing that I fear, it is the fear of losing my concentration. When the mind is distracted, you underperform and your thinking operates at a very superficial level. I must make sure that no extraneous thoughts are allowed in my mind these coming two weeks. One must disengage from the troublesome distractions of the flesh.

A concentrated mind is as sharp as a laser. All my thoughts must remained focused, in-phase and synchronized. One gets a great high being in such a state. You see, the pleasures of the mind far surpass those of the flesh.

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