Saturday, November 29, 2003

The Force-field of Friendship

The Force-field of Friendship

Wedding dinners can be fun sometimes because they are often a reunion for old friends. It is a pity that we cannot keep in touch with our friends more often as we are too tied up with work and everyday preoccupations.

Despite being out of the country for many years, I try my best to remain in close touch with many of my friends in KL. I've always made the effort to call them up whenever I'm in town. Tonight I got to meet many of them at a wedding dinner and we had a great time catching up.

Our circle of friends is like the solar system. The gravitational pull of planets affect one another in a complex many-body system. Among friends, we live within each other's force-field, affecting one another in very intimate ways. All our words and actions reverberate across our web of relationships; sometimes they enhance ties, sometimes they weaken them.

Living in the world and having friends means you entangle yourself with each other's karma. We suffer each other's sorrows and revel in each other's joys. The effect of all our actions and reactions within this field of karma moulds and drives our soul towards higher levels of perfection. This web of relationships also acts as a safety net to help catch us when we fall, making sure we are never alone when we are in need.

All souls are imperfect and unstable by nature. By ourselves, it is very difficult for us to achieve stability. But together in a community of friends, we buffer each another's mistakes and create a collective system that is self-correcting and self-healing. It is a vast power grid of strength and energy that we could always tap into.

True friendship is a force field that binds and nurtures. May this Force be with us, always.

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