Saturday, May 31, 2003

Thank God It's Only Saturday (and not Sunday)

Woke up early today. Yesterday was a public holiday in Indonesia - one that was originally supposed to fall on a Thursday but the government here has got into the habit of shifting public holidays to coincide with weekends: a long weekend is supposed to boost domestic tourism. I'm certainly not complaining. Realising that today is only Saturday after a very restful day in my hotel room yesterday makes me feel immensely relaxed and happy.

I am hoping to be able to catch a movie later. There's no shortage of good quality cineplexes in Jakarta making cinema-going here quite a pleasant experience. The Matrix Reloaded obviously deserves a second viewing. Saw it when I was in KL, and over here it started its run on Thursday. Currently it is showing in 20 cineplexes in Jakarta. I am spoilt for choice. Normally I would prefer to go to the one at Block M Plaza. It's only 9.30am now. I have time to decide: the first show only starts at 12.30pm.

Saturday mornings in Jakarta is my favourite time: people sleep late after a long week and the city only starts to stir after noon. It is the best time to go to the supermarket to shop for groceries and to catch the first show at the cineplex. Nothing beats a quiet Saturday morning in Jakarta. Saturday nights of course, is a different matter.

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